As of December 9, 2021 at 12 p.m. eastern, we have reached our goal of 80 children on our gift list. We are excited to shop this weekend and send all the gifts out for parents to wrap and put under the tree. 

In 2020, Stronger Than My Struggles was able to make sure that 80 children woke up to Christmas presents under the tree. We are proud to announce that our wonderful sponsor has donated funds to assure that we can do it again this year.

Every Child Deserves To Wake Up To Gifts Under The Tree

The pandemic has affected every holiday this year; it's left some parents unemployed, behind on bills and/or stressing how to keep up with kids ever growing needs. In some home, holidays are an afterthought.  After two years of this situation, people are trying hard enough to maintain.

Stronger Than My Struggles & STMS Cares Are Here For You

Since the onset of the pandemic, Coach Mel and Team Stronger have created many initiatives to support individuals and families in the STMS community.

We want to  continue to support our community of survivors and to make sure no child that we can reach goes without this Christmas, we've decided to open our STMS Holiday Heroes Gift Giveaway to parents outside of the STMS community.

Through Stms Cares & Stronger Than My Struggles, Coach Mel has brought back our Heroes For The Holiday Christmas fund with $100 designated per child*. 

*Parent must make an amazon wish list with items to be purchased and shipped directly to the home

We Respect Your Privacy & Information

We are so excited to bring this initiative back. Happy Holidays from Team  Stronger

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